Sunday 1st May 2022

Can all players and coaches arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before kick off times.
Please ensure all rubbish is put into bins and leave the pitch and equipment the way they were found.
ALL PARENTS/SPECTATORS should be outside fence or barrier
NO PARENTS/SPECTATORS on the pitch at any time
Pitch 1 Erkine YFC v Dumbarton 1
Pitch 2 Erskine TFC Red v Port Glasgow Juniors
Pitch 3 St Andrews BC v Renfrew Vic 3
Pitch 4 St Andrews BC Blue v Renfrew Vic 2
Pitch 5 St Andrews BC White v St Peters FC
Pitch 6 St Mirren YFC v St Peters FC Red
Pitch 7 Drumchapel Amateurs Black v St Peters FC Black
Pitch 8 Drumchapel Amateurs v Bishopton FC1
Pitch 1 Dumbarton 2 v Bishopton FC 2
Pitch 2 Renfrew Vic 1 v Bishopton FC 3
Pitch 3 Drumchapel Amateurs Red v Harmony Row YC 1
Pitch 4 Drumchapel Amateurs Green v Harmony Row YC 2
Pitch 5 Johnstoneburgh Reds v Old Kilpatrick 1
Pitch 6 Johnstoneburgh White v Old Kilpatrick 2
Pitch 7 Glenvale AFC 2 v Old Kilpatrick 3
Pitch 8 Glenvale AFC3 v Linwood Rangers YC 1
Pitch 1 Glenvale AFC 4 v Gleniffer Thistle Black
Pitch 2 Glenvale AFC 1 v Parkmoor FC
Pitch 3 Houston UTD Yellow v Gleniffer Thistle Tangerines
Pitch 4 Houston UTD Red v St Convals Black
Pitch 5 Houston UTD Blue v St Convals Red
Pitch 6 Parkmoor FC Ath v Linwood Rangers TC 4
Pitch 7 Renton Craigandro 1 v Linwood Rangers YC 2
Pitch 8 Renton Craigandro 2 v Linwood Rangers YC 3
Pitch 1 Glennifer Thistle  v Morton Community Blues
Pitch 2 Parkmoor FC UTD v Morton Community Whites
Pitch 3 Renfrew FC v Morton Community Yellow
Pitch 4   v  
Pitch 5   v
Pitch 6 v
Pitch 7 v
Pitch 8