Paisley Johnstone & District YFL







  1. NAME

This association of clubs shall be called the Paisley Johnstone and District Youth Football Leagueand shall be affiliated to the Scottish Youth Football Association (“SYFA”).


The object of the league shall be to legislate for, foster, develop and improve the game of association football among all classes of youth football clubs throughout the league.

    1. Unless the context otherwise requires, words or expressions contained in the rules shall bear the same meaning as in the Articles of Association of SYFA as adopted or amended from time to time.
    2. Unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular only shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing any gender shall include all genders.
    3. Unless the context otherwise requires, the word “secretary” contained in the rules shall bear the same meaning as “secretary or in his absence an authorised deputy.”
    4. The word “league” contained in the rules shall bear the same meaning as “league or association.”
    5. Any omissions from the rules will be covered by the SYFA Supplementary and Playing Rules and/or Rules for Small Sided Games that are both downloadable from the SYFA website.
    6. Any disciplinary matters under the jurisdiction of the league shall be dealt with by the disciplinary committee in accordance with SYFA disciplinary procedures.
    7. The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction of the rules.


4.1       All business of the league and all matters arising are dealt with in accordance with the 

            SYFA Confidentiality Agreement.  

4.2      All officials will take all reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorised publication or 

           disclosure of any such confidential information. This restriction shall continue to apply 

           after the termination of any appointment without limit in point of time.

4.3      The league reserves the right to initiate a disciplinary process as a result of any 

           apparent breach of confidentiality.


5.1      A member of the executive committee, disciplinary committee or any sub-committee, if 

          required by such body, shall retire from any discussion of the body if the matter to be 

          dealt with involves the club/team which he represents, and it is possible that a penalty or 

          some other material decision may require to be taken.

5.2      It is the member’s responsibility to disclose the conflicting interest to the executive 

          committee, disciplinary committee or any sub-committee and refrain from participating in 

          any deliberation or decision of the other executive committee, disciplinary committee or 

          any sub-committee with respect to the matter in question.


6.1     Membership is open to all invited youth football clubs/teams and is applied for on an 

           annual basis

6.2      All clubs/teams must be members of the SYFA.

6.3      All clubs/teams in membership shall be subject to all relevant rules, clauses, paragraphs 

           and sub paragraphs of the SYFA  Articles of Association, Supplementary and Playing 

           Rules, Standing Orders, Player Protection Policy, Adults at Risk Protection Policy, 

           Disciplinary Procedures and all related policies and any amendments thereto and any 

           regulations or decisions promulgated by the Board and regulations or decisions of the 

          Scottish FA shall be binding on all members. 

6.4      Each member club/team is responsible to the league for the action of its players, officials 

           and spectators.

6.5       Any change of club/team secretary must be intimated in writing to the league secretary               and the chief executive (National Secretary) of the SYFA and any subsequent appointment must be similarly notified within 48 hours. Clubs/teams failing to properly notify such changes will be fined a sum determined each season by the SYFA.


 7.1     Clubs/teams seeking membership for the first time may be admitted to the League at the 

           Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at a Special General Meeting (SGM) convened for 

            that purpose.Out with these meetings the Executive Committee will decide whether 

            teams will be allowed admittance.

7.2        Clubs/teams which are candidates for membership must in the first instance satisfy the 

            executive committee that they should be put forward for membership and must submit 

            to the league secretary a copy of their Constitution and Rules at the time of application.   

7.3        The admission to membership shall be by a two thirds majority of those attending and 

            entitled to vote at such meeting except as covered by 7.1

7.4        All clubs/teams are required to apply for membership on an annual basis. Membership

             may be granted on receipt of the annual subscription unless membership has been 

            withdrawn by the disciplinary committee, executive committee, AGM or SGM.


8.1      The Annual subscription of each club shall be fixed at the AGM.  

8.2      Each club/team may be required in addition to payment of the subscription, deposit a 

           sum of money to be fixed at the AGM which shall be liable to forfeiture at the end of the 

          season if such club/team shall have failed to complete its league fixtures without sound 

           reason or shall have failed to satisfy the executive committee of its endeavour to do so.  

8.3      This sum or part may be used at the discretion of the league to pay any referee’s claims

           and fines imposed on the defaulting club/team. All such monies used for this purpose

          shall be repaid by the defaulting club/team on or before the next meeting and after  

           intimation to do so shall have been made to the said club/team.  

8.4      The deposit is recoverable by the club/team members who have fulfilled all their fixtures

           and obligations as stated in these rules.  

8.5        Subscriptions and deposit fee shall be paid at the AGM as follows:


8.5.1       Previous Members competitive season:

                Full fees in season about to end with balance by 31st day of July of ensuing season;

                Previous Members development season:

                Full fees in season about to end with balance by 31st day of January of ensuring 


8.5.2       New Members:   Full fees for ensuing season.

8.6           If applicable pitch fees and deposit shall be determined at the AGM and paid as follows:

8.6.1        Deposit: At the first league meeting of the season.

8.6.2.       Balance:   As agreed at the first meeting at point 8.6.1 above.


 9.1       When a club/team intimates its resignation from the league, such club/team must notify     the league secretary and the chief executive (National Secretary) of the SYFA in writing.

9.2       The club/team must also notify their opponents and the referee, until such time as

            their resignation has been accepted by the executive committee and failing which 

            they will be treated as a defaulting club.            

9.3     In the event of a club/team resigning from the league during the season all fixtures 

           shall be decided as follows:

9.3.1    Clubs/teams who have played one third or less of their fixtures all matches shall be 

           classified as null and void and points deducted from the opponents that they have 


9.3.2   Clubs/teams who have played more than one third of their fixtures all existing results will

            stand and all future listed fixtures shall be awarded to the listed opponents.

9.4      Any club/team that wishes to resign its membership from a league with the intent on

           seeking membership of another league must make application in writing to the league 

           secretary stating their reasons for resigning. 

9.5      If a league or association refuses to accept a resignation the club may refer the matter in

          writing to the chief executive (National Secretary) of the SYFA.

9.6      No league or association will accept a club/team into membership while that club/team is

           in membership of any other member league or association.


10.1    The management of the league shall be vested in an executive committee that shall be

           elected annually in accordance with SYFA supplementary and playing rules and which 

           shall consist of:

                             10.1.1           Office-bearers consisting of a: 





                            Match / Disciplinary Secretary;

                             Protection Officer.  and 


10.1.2         Three members to be elected at the AGM.   

10.2              To be eligible for election as Chairman, a candidate must have served for a period 

                    of not less than two years as Vice-Chairman.  To be eligible for election as Vice-

                    Chairman, a candidate must have served for a period of not less than two years as 

                    a member of the executive committee. 

                    Should the Vice-Chairman not seek election as Chairman or re-election as Vice-

                    Chairman then any member of the executive committee who must have served for 

                    a period of not less than two years will be eligible for election.

10.3             All persons acting for or on behalf of the league must be registered on the 

                     league’s online registration with SYFA.  

10.4             No club/community club shall have more than one member on the executive 


10.5              Four members of the committee shall form a quorum.  

10.6             In the event of a vacancy occurring in the executive committee during the season 

                    the executive committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy and shall be 

                    responsible for updating the leagues online registration with SYFA.   

10.7            All retiring office-bearers shall be eligible for re-election and must intimate to the 

                   Secretary by the 30th day of April in the current season their intention to stand for 

                   re-election. Likewise, any member wishing to stand for election to any vacant 

                   position the general committee must also intimate to the secretary by 30th day of 

                   April in the current season.  Any such nomination must be proposed and seconded 

                   in writing by two independent member clubs


10.8          The executive committee shall be the authority for the interpretation of the rules and 

                shall decide upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the 

                league not provided for by these rules or SYFA rules and its decisions upon 

                questions of interpretation and on matters affecting the league shall be final except 

                as provided in the SYFA appeal rules.

10.9        The executive committee shall have the power as occasions shall require to appoint 

               from its own members and/or co-opt from the member clubs a disciplinary committee 

               and such sub-committees as it may deem expedient and to depute or refer to them 

               such of its powers and duties as it may from time to time determine.

10.10     The executive committee shall have the power temporarily to amend or add to these 

               rules as circumstances may dictate from time to time to facilitate the smooth running 

               of the league. Any amendment made to be approved by the next meeting of   


10.11      The treasurer shall affect all money transactions and shall submit at each meeting a 

                financial statement of the league’s accounts and at the AGM a statement of accounts 

                duly audited by two competent persons appointed as auditors.   

10.12     The bank account will be in the name of the Paisley Johnstone and District Youth 

              Football League, the signatories being the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and 

              treasurer. Two signatures are required for all financial transactions one of which must 

              be the treasurer.


11.1       Any breach of SYFA and/or league rules will be dealt with in accordance with SYFA

              Disciplinary Procedures.

11.2      The disciplinary committee may suspend a club until the AGM when the retention of 

             that club in the league shall be considered. Any decision arrived at by the AGM under

             this rule shall not be the subject of revision by a SGM.

11.3       Clubs/teams must ensure the safety, good conduct and behaviour of its supporters 

               before, during or at the conclusion of any match. 

11.4        In any match the home club/team must ensure the safety, good conduct and 

               behaviour of all supporters before, during or at the conclusion of any match. The 

               foregoing applies to all matches authorised by or matches played under the 

               jurisdiction of SYFA.

11.5        In the event of misbehaviour of supporters being reported to or otherwise being 

               brought to the attention of the league, the league will have jurisdiction to deal with the 

                matter and to impose sanctions in respect thereof as prescribed within SYFA 

                Disciplinary Procedures.

11.6         Each club/team must ensure that its players, officials, supporters and any person 

                exercising a function for or in connection with the club/team do not engage in 

                unacceptable conduct.


12.1         Meetings of the league shall be held in any venue notified by the secretary and the 

                dates shall be notified by the secretary. 

12.2         The secretary shall have the power to convene meetings when necessary.

12.3          The league will hold a minimum of four general meetings of member clubs including 

                 an AGM in each  season. 

12.4         All clubs/teams must attend general committee meetings. Failure to do so will result 

                in a fine of £10 for non-appearance.   

12.5         When a club/team sends an apology then they must send £5, if required, to cover 

                postage of any league information, to the secretary before the meeting.   

12.6         No more than two apologies will be accepted from a club/team during the season.  

                Failure to do so will result in the club/team being fined £10.   

12.7         At all meetings of the league the chairman or vice-chairman shall preside. In the 

               event of none of these officials being present the chair shall be taken by another     

               office bearer.  The chairman shall have both a deliberative and casting vote at all 

               meetings, and his rule shall be final

12.8         A member of the committee shall retire from the meeting during the consideration

               and while decision is being taken on any case involving his club/team, a club/team 

               official or players connected with his club/team.

12.9        Each club/team shall be entitled to send two registered representatives to all league 

               general meetings but shall have only one vote.


13.1       The Constitution & Playing Rules may be added to or altered by a resolution passed at 

              an AGM or at a SGM duly convened for the purpose, and for the passing of which 

              resolution at least 75% of those present and entitled to vote have voted.

13.2        The AGM of the league shall be held each year not later than the last Friday in June.

13.3         Notice from a member club/team of any proposed addition or alteration to the 

               Constitution & Playing Rules to be put forward for consideration at the AGM must be 

               sent by Recorded Signed for or Special Delivery by the proposer and seconder in 

               separate letters, signed by the respective secretary of the member club/team 

               proposing and seconding, to the secretary before 30th day of April in the current year. 

               Notice from a member of any other resolution to be brought before an AGM must be 

               sent in like manner before 30th day of April in the then current year.

13.4        The executive committee shall have power to propose additions or alterations to the 

               Constitution & Playing Rules for consideration at the AGM.

13.5        Any proposed alteration of the Constitution & Playing Rules of the league shall be 

              submitted to the chief executive (National Secretary) of the SYFA in writing by 

              Recorded Signed for or Special Delivery letter 30 days before it is proposed that such 

              change or changes should become operative or should be submitted to the AGM or a 

              SGM of the league.


14.1        The office bearers may recommend to the AGM that life membership be granted to 

               any person whom it is considered has rendered valuable service to the league or in 

               the cause of youth football.   

14.2        Life members have the right to attend meetings of the league and shall be able to 

                exercise the right to vote at such meetings.   

14.3         Life members have the right to sit on the executive committee with voting rights.


15.1        Any notice to the league must be sent to the secretary and any notice from the league 

               to any of its members, or to any person under its jurisdiction, shall be validly given if 

               posted or sent by electronic communication to the secretary of the club or to the 

               person concerned at its or their last notified address.          

15.2        All correspondence shall be addressed to the secretary and, if requiring a reply, must 

               be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope to sender, failing which an 

               administration charge may be levied. Correspondence that has not been signed will 

               be judged to be incompetent.

15.3       All electronic communications shall be addressed to the secretary. Electronic 

              communications that do not include the name of the club, the club’s age group and the 

             club SYFA registration ID number will be judged to be incompetent. 

15.4       Any club/team under the league’s jurisdiction which fails to answer a written

             communication from the secretary within the timescale notified may be censured, fined, 

             or suspended at the discretion of the executive committee.

15.5       Any player, official or other person under the league’s jurisdiction who fails to answer a 

             written communication from the secretary within the timescale notified may be 

             censured or suspended at the discretion of the executive committee.

15.6       Where the failure to reply relates to a case of reported misconduct or to an offence the 

              case shall be dealt with as determined by the disciplinary committee, except as 

             otherwise indicated within SYFA rule.


Protests and claims for matches/ties must be made in accordance with the SYFA Supplementary and Playing Rules that can be downloaded from the SYFA website

For all unfulfilled fixtures and matches abandoned by the referee the disciplinary committee will determine the status of the match. No protest or claim is required.


A club/team, player or registered club/team official may appeal to the SYFA Appeals Committee against the decision of the League, Association affecting such club/team, player or registered club/team official. Such appeals must be made in accordance with the SYFA Supplementary and Playing Rules that can be downloaded from the SYFA website


18.1        Trophies for the league championship and cup competitions shall be presented to the 

               respective winners.   

18.2        A document in the following terms shall be granted on behalf of the winning club.   

               We, representing the chairman and the secretary, members of the club which has 

               now been declared to have won the league trophy, do hereby bind ourselves jointly 

               and severally and on behalf of the said club to return the same in good order and 

               condition to the secretary of the league by a date determined by the executive 


18.3        Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine not exceeding £100 (One hundred 


18.4        For trophies that have been returned damaged the offending club will be levied the full 

               cost of repair.

18.5      For trophies that have not been returned the offending club will be levied the full cost of 



If upon the winding up or dissolution of the league there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any assets whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members but shall be given or transferred to some other society, institution or organisation having objects similar to the objects of the league and which shall prohibit the distribution of its income and assets among its members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the league under or by virtue hereof, such a society, institution or organisation to be determined by the members of the league at or before the time of dissolution and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions then to some charitable object.



20.1       All matches played under the jurisdiction of SYFA and its member leagues shall be 

              played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as settled by the International 

              Football Association Board and the SYFA Supplementary and Playing Rules and/or 

              Rules for Small Sided Games that are available for download from the SYFA website.

20.2      Each club/team shall play home and away matches with every other club/team in its 

             relative division or section unless so determined by the executive committee. Three 

            points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.   

20.3     When clubs/teams within a league division have equal points at the end of the playing 

            season the league championship shall be shared or determined by a play-off. This shall 

            be at the sole discretion of the executive committee. If the determination is by a play-off 

            the match will be played to a finish. In the event of a draw at the end of the match the 

           match will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with 

           the rules laid down by the International Football Association Board. All players to be 

           eligible must have been registered by 31st day of March in the current season. Cup 

          Competition rules apply and trialist will not be allowed to play in any play-off



21.1    Clubs/teams shall receive from the match secretary their league fixtures which shall be 

           played on the date stipulated. Any club/team refusing or failing to play the club/team 

           against which it is listed within the time intimated to it and without sufficient reason for 

           doing so shall be dealt with by the disciplinary committee.

21.2    If a club/team wishes to be excused from playing a game on any particular date 

           throughout the season, such club/team must make application in writing to the match 

           secretary not less than fourteen days before the executive committee meeting for their 

           consideration and decision. All applications must have a stamped return addressed 

           envelope enclosed.

21.3    No club/team shall be allowed more than two relief of fixtures in the same season unless

           agreed in accordance with point 21.2 above.   

21.4    In extraordinary circumstances relief of fixture may be granted not less than five days 

           before the date stipulated on application to the match secretary.

21.5    Any club/team seeking relief of fixture less than five days before the date stipulated shall 

           be responsible for any relevant match fees incurred by their opponents for the listed 

           fixture on receipt of proof of such fees.  

21.6    All matches shall be played according to the Laws of the Game as adopted by the 

          Scottish Football  Association Ltd. but with the one exception that clubs/teams will play

          two equal periods of not less than :

                    21.6.1 - 35 minutes duration for age groups 13 and 14;

                    21.6.2  - 40 minutes duration for age groups 15 and 16;                     21.6.3 - 45 minutes duration for age groups 17,19 & 21.

21.7    No club/team, player or registered club/team official shall be permitted to take part or be 

           involved in any match or competition which is not authorised by the SYFA.

21.8    Secretaries of home club/team must make contact with the referee and the visiting club 

           not later than 72 hours preceding any game as to the time of kick-off and ground /

21.8.1 - Visiting clubs and referees must travel to the registered ground of the home club if no 

           notification is received from them.   

21.8.2 - Failure to notify will result in the defaulting club being fined the sum not exceeding  

              £50.00 (Fifty Pounds) and/or deduction of points.   

21.8.3 - The secretary of the home club/team must telephone the match secretary or other 

              appointed person the match result of all cup ties and league matches played or un-

              played before 8pm on Saturday/Sunday and not later than 9pm for mid-week games.   

 21.8.4 - Clubs failing to comply with this rule will automatically be fined the sum of £10 per 



22.1       The home club/team is responsible for the condition of the ground and laws of the 

              game regarding same being complied with, failing which it is liable to be disqualified.   

22.2       On points of fact connected with the game and fitness of the ground for play, the 

              decision of the referee or match supervisor shall be final, except in an event of a 

              club/team travelling out with an area of seven miles when the inspection of the ground 

               by a local referee or match supervisor will decide.  

22.3       Where clubs/team have an appointed grounds man in charge of the ground such 

              grounds man’s decision will be final.                

22.4       The home club/team secretary must immediately notify the referee/match supervisor 

              and secretary of the visiting club/team if a postponement is necessary, in default of 

              which the home club/team may at the discretion of the executive committee  be 

              required to pay the referee’s half-fee and the travelling expenses in whole or part of 

              the visiting club/team.

22.5       For all matches to be played under the jurisdiction of the SYFA it will be deemed the 

              responsibility of the home club/team to supply changing accommodation for their 

              opponents and the referee/match supervisor. The changing accommodation should be 

              adjacent to the pitch where the match is to take place and should contain washing and 

              toilet facilities. If the changing accommodation is at a different location to that of the 

              pitch where the match is to take place the home club/team must provide transport for 

              their opponents and the referee/match supervisor. 

22.6       Separate changing accommodation is required for mixed gender teams in accordance

             with SYFA supplementary and playing rules.


23.1     In all matches the official in charge of the respective clubs/teams shall, before the 

            match starts, hand to the referee two official lists, written in ink or typewritten, 

            containing the full proper name and SFA player registration ID number for each player 

            in their team. 

23.2    The referee shall, after signature, exchange one copy with the respective officials and 

           forward the remaining copies, together with the result of the game, to the match 

            secretary as soon as possible after the match.

23.3    Failure of clubs/teams to comply with this rule will automatically be fined £5.00 for each

          time there is something wrong with the team lines. The League secretary shall impose

          this fine automatically.

23.4    In all matches the substitution of players will be permitted in accordance with the SYFA 

           supplementary and playing rules.

23.5    The referee and all registered officials must not pass team lists onto any other party for 

           any reason except as designated in Rule 94 of the SYFA supplementary and playing 

           rules. Any club/team, official or referee violating this rule will be reported to the relevant 

           disciplinary committee. 


24.1    Where there is a similarity of club/team colours the visiting club shall play in their 

           registered colours and the home club/team shall change unless otherwise mutually 


24.2    Numbers must be worn which must correspond to the numbers on the team list.


25.1    The reason for non-fulfilment of any fixture and unfinished matches shall be investigated 

           by the disciplinary committee 

25.2    If the reasons are deemed to be unsatisfactory the defaulting club/team may be fine a 

          sum not exceeding £100 and deducted up to 10 pointsor be eliminated from a cup 

          competition. All fines imposed under this rule must be paid to the treasurer within 14 

          days from receipt of letter.


26.1    In all representative games the league and/or region shall have power to select players 

           from any club/team in the league and any players so selected who may decline to play 

           shall not be eligible to play for their own club/team on that date without special 

           permission from league.

26.2    A club/team may apply for a postponement of a league game should one or more 

          players be selected to play in a representative game on the same day.


27.1    Referees for all matches will be appointed by the match secretary from the SFA List of 

           registered referees.  

27.2    No club/team may object to any referee so appointed.   

27.3    The referee will receive from each club/team two team lists. Both lists will be compared 

          and signed by the referee. One list shall be given to the opposing club/team secretary 

         prior to the kick-off. The referee shall forward the other copy of the fully completed team 

         list and any misconduct reports to the League secretary as soon as possible after the 


27.4  The referee’s fee and payment of fee shall be decided by the league’s AGM.

27.5   Where the referee attends and the fixture does not take place for any reason except as

           per 27.6 below the home club/team shall pay the referee’s fee which shall be 

           recoverable from the defaulting club/team. If the referee does not attend no fee will be 


27.6    Should a ground be considered unplayable the referee shall, after inspection of same,  

           receive half fee which shall be shared equally by each club/team, and paid by the home 

           club/team, who shall be responsible for collecting the visiting club’s/teams share.


28.1 Home club/team:

28.1.1   The home club/team should confirm the ensuing fixture with the away club/team in the 

             week and must provide them and the referee with directions to the venue at least 72 

             hours before the fixture date.

28.1.2    The home club/team should ensure that the away club/team and referee are met on 

              arrival and are shown to their respective dressing rooms.

28.1.3   The home club/team is responsible for the pitch preparation. Corner flags and goal 

             nets are compulsory.

28.1.4    The home Club/team should arrange an early inspection of the pitch by a qualified 

              referee in inclement weather and advise the away club/team and referee accordingly. 

28.1.5    The home club/team must provide at least two playable match balls.

28.2    Away club/team:

28.2.1     The away club/team in the event of a travel problem delaying their arrival in time for 

               kick-off should send at least one person to the venue to explain their problem to the 

               referee and home club/team. 

28.2.2.    The away club/team and the referee are expected to travel to the registered ground of 

               the home club/team on not receiving directions from the home club/team. Such 

               instances must be reported to the league secretary. 

28.3    Both clubs/teams:

28.3.1    The referee’s fee is shared equally by both clubs/teams with the home club/team 

              being responsible for ensuring payment to the referee except for cup finals when the 

              referee expenses will be paid by the league.

28.3.2    The fees are set at the AGM                               

28.3.3   The attending referee is due half fee when direct intervention by him is the cause of  

             the game not being played otherwise the full fee is due;

28.3.4   Club/team secretaries phoning the match secretary may phone between the hours of  

             6pm and 9pm unless in extreme emergencies. 

         28.4 Referees:

28.4.1             The normal period of play for games shall be as follows:          70 minutes duration for age groups 13 and 14;           80 minutes duration for age groups 15 and 16;          90 minutes duration for age groups 17, 19 and 21.

28.4.2             Referees having accepted a match and then being unable to fulfil the match 

                        must notify both the match secretary and home club/team secretary.

28.4.3           Referees are required to inspect the pitch and each player’s equipment prior to 

                     kick- off.


29.1       Competitions will be played on the cup-tie, home and away, sectional or other principle 

              as may be determined by the executive committee.

29.2       When matches are played on a ‘cup-tie ‘principle clubs/teams that are first drawn in 

              the ballot shall have choice of ground. The league will select a venue for the final.

              The executive committee shall fix grounds for the final tie and shall have direct control 

             of all arrangements and receipts. Each participating team in a final shall provide two 

             match footballs of a suitable standard.

29.3       In the event of the score being level in any cup-tie after the stipulated playing time has 

              been completed the result of the tie will be decided by the taking of kicks from the 

              penalty mark in accordance with the rules laid down by the International Football 

              Association Board (IFAB).

29.4       Any club/team intending to scratch must give notice in writing to the secretary of the 

              opposing club/team and the league secretary at least three days previous to the date 

              of the tie. Defaulting clubs/teams may be liable for the expenses of the tie and also be 

             dealt with by the executive committee as they may deem expedient.     

29.5       In all cup tie matches the duration of play must be the full period appropriate to the 

             particular age group concerned followed by kicks from the penalty mark as laid down 

             by IFAB. 

29.6      In the event of clubs/teams having an equal number of points in a competition played 

             on a sectional basis then a play-off will take place to decide the section winner.

30.                                             LOCAL RULES

 30.1    Out with the AGM and  Annual General Meetings the Executive Committee on behalf of 

              the league members will accept/reject clubs/teams into membership.

30.2      Parents and coaches must never stand and or coach on their opponents side. Coaches

             should ask their parents to return to their own side of the park and not engage in 

             confrontational dialogue. Failure to control the conduct of players and parents is a 

             disciplinary matter and all reported cases will be dealt with by the Disciplinary 


30.3      Morning Kick off times shall be between 9am and 11am on Saturday Mornings for 

            13s, 14s and 15s and between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday afternoon for 16s, 17s and 

            19s. If both teams do not agree to a kick off time for morning games kick offs it will be 

            10am and if they cannot agree kick off times for afternoon games the kick off time will 

             be 2pm. Anyone wishing to play out with these kick off times must have the 

             agreement of their opponents and the referee before emailing the secretary for a 

             permit. Clubs must stick to mornings if they play in the morning and afternoon if they 

             play in the afternoon.  Midweek fixtures- Midweek fixtures should kick off between 

             6.30pm and 7.30pm unless mutually agreed   

             Friday night football - teams are permitted to play on a Friday night if both teams are

              in agreement. If an agreement isn’t reached it would revert to the Kick off times 

             permitted for the age group.

30.4       After three attempts of getting a cup game played the fixture may be reversed.

30.5      General Meeting dates and AGM will be provisionally booked and notified at the AGM 30.6          Referee fees will be set at the AGM  

30.7       Small sided teams must have at least one month’s pitch fees paid in advance 

             deposited on account with the league

30.8       Medals will be issued to all small sided clubs on the last day of the season to cover 

              their registered players.

30.9      Teams can have 3 cancellations throughout the season 7 days notice must be given to

             Match Secretaries Morning teams no later than 11am the previous Saturday, Afternoon 

             teams by 3pm the previous Saturday. No relief of fixtures permitted in the month of