2011 Match Secretary - Alan Swain - 07539904190

Results to: 07539904190

Please familiarise yourself with the league constitution and the SYFA Supplementary Playing Rules

Match Arrangements

As per the League constitution, the home team should contact the away team and your allocated match referee a minimum of 72 hours before a fixture to confirm arrangements. In practice, this means by Tuesday evening before the game on Saturday.


If your allocated referee cannot do your game you must contact refappointments@outlook.com This is for League, League Cup, Divisional Cup, Scottish Cup & Regional Cups. Do not email this account and ask for a referee for a friendly you will be told no you get the referee for a friendly for yourself.

  • Fixtures must be played as listed.
  • Kick-off times on a Saturday must be between 9am and 11am.  
  • Any team altering a fixture without the approval of the Match Secretary will be cited to a Disciplinary Meeting.
  •  A late call-off will be treated as an unfulfilled fixture and the team involved will be cited to a Disciplinary Meeting - no exceptions
  • All midweek fixtures are shown as played on a Wednesday. You are however able to play any night Monday to Thursday, depending on when the home team can get a pitch booked. The home team has to give the away team the appropriate notice as outlined in the constitution (72 hours minimum).
  • All teams are allowed to request three cancellations / free weeks per season.  The deadline for cancellations is 11am the Saturday prior to the requested free week
  • Fixtures are subject to change, teams will be given appropriate notice.  This could be with less than 7 days' notice, often due to cup games and cancellations.  If you have not requested a free week and a fixture is scheduled, you will be expected to play.
  • Remember to also send me your West Region and Scottish Cup results - even if you are the away team.  You may be playing a team from outside our league and I wouldn't find out the result otherwise.  Likewise, if your match is postponed for whatever reason, you must let me know as this will have an impact on the following week's fixtures as cup games take precedence over league games.


Notification of Results


When notifying results I only need the home team to text in. Please do so before 6pm on a Saturday and 9pm for midweek games. Please send in the following format - 

2011, league game, Division 1  Manchester City 1 v 1 Manchester United 

Any queries, please call, text, or email - no calls after 9pm

Good luck to all teams for the season ahead.